School Reading Record Books

Keep track of pupils’ reading progress with these fully customised school reading record books. Tailor-made to meet your school’s individual requirements. How to create your reading record books.

Fully customised school reading record booklets

Description and key features

We are delighted to work with you to create 100% fully customised school reading record books, designed to your exact specification.

A quality reading record helps to ensure effective communication between school and those reading with children at home. As well as the ability to add pages of your own, our extensive page library contains a variety of templates that explain the importance of reading at home, and encourage children and adults to take an active role in reading. Creating a structured reading log allows an adult to keep track of the child’s reading at home, recording the books and pages read and making notes for the teacher.

100% fully customised

Just for you! You determine the content of every page, ensuring that your reading record books are 100% relevant to your school’s individual requirements.

Huge page library

The page library contains hundreds of useful page templates that can be incorporated into your reading record books or amended to suit your school.

Add your own pages

Our experienced design team are always happy to create new pages for your school reading record books based on your ideas, artwork and specification.

A solution for any budget

With the freedom to choose how many and which pages feature in your books, and a choice of single or colour print, there is a custom book for every budget.

Making changes
All of our page templates can be edited to better suit your school's individual requirements.
Creating pages
If you have an idea for a page that you would like to include in your booklets you can email us your designs or send instructions for us to follow.
How many pages?
Decide how many pages your reading record books are to contain. Please remember this must be divisible by 4.
All done!
You are now ready to receive your personalised quotation and order your school's new and unique reading record books.
Get a quote
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Page library

Discover a huge number of page templates covering everything from weekly reading, homework, word lists, phonics and book reviews to parent comments, advice for parents and more. All page templates can be amended to your school’s exact specification.

Example school reading record books

Below you will find a selection of custom reading record books that we have created for other schools. These examples can be used to provide inspiration or you can incorporate any of the pages in your own books, either as they are or amended to meet your requirements.

Click the thumbnails below to view inside a book.

Order school reading record books

Our reading record books are 100% fully customised to meet your school’s individual specification. Please follow our simple guide below to receive your free, no-obligation quotation and to place an order.

Step 1

Getting a quotation
To receive a more accurate quotation, it is helpful to provide a few details regarding the make-up of your books.

Don’t worry if you don’t know or are unsure of anything, our helpful and friendly staff are always happy to assist you through the process.
What information do we need?

Please call our friendly team on:
01204 531837
or email:

Step 2

Placing your order
Once you have received your free quotation and are happy to proceed, you are ready to place your order.

Simply send us any files, images and instructions as necessary, and leave the rest to us.

Please call our friendly team on:
01204 531837
or email:

Step 3

Relax! We’re on it
We will now get to work creating your unique reading record books. Once we have completed any design work, you will be provided with a link to a digital version of your book for approval.

At this point further alterations can be made and we will continue to provide proof artwork until you are delighted with the layout of your books.

We will invoice the school on completion of your order.

Helpful information for us

Fully customised reading record booklets

Order information
If you are unsure of any aspect of creating your custom school reading record books, please contact our friendly team who will be happy to help.

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