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Select a category below to view the templates. Remember to make a note of the reference number of any pages you wish to use or amend.

How to use and edit the pages in the library

Use our pages

Schools often find pages in the library to be relevant and useful without any further amendments.

Edit the pages

Often, the pages in the library just need to be edited slightly to better suit your school's individual requirements.

Draw inspiration

They may help spark ideas for new unique pages that our design team can create for you.

Select pages to use in your booklets

Each page in the library has a unique reference number. Make a note of the pages you want and the quantities required for each, and ideally, compile a list of them in the order that they are to appear in your booklet. If amendments to any of the template pages are required, you can supply these to us either by noting any changes in an email, or by making physical drafts of the pages. Templates designed to be spread over two or more pages are labeled with a, b, c, etc.. after the reference number.

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