Praise Reward Pads

Praise reward pads provide teachers with a simple, cost effective way of communicating personalised messages to children and parents. Ideal for handing out in the classroom and sending home with pupils. Personalise praise pads

Personalised Praise Rewrad Pads 1

Description and key features

These fantastic, low cost A6 (105mm x 148mm) praise pads are ideal for informing parents of their child’s achievements, good behaviour, good work, good effort, and much more, and can even be used to send home messages and friendly reminders.

Personalised with your school’s name and logo, praise pads are also great value for money, making it possible to communicate messages of praise home to parents on a more regular basis, which both children and parents will love!

Praise reward pad designs

Praise pads are supplied in gummed pads of 40 sheets of the same design and are personalised with your school’s name, logo and contact information. The background colour can be changed if required, please make a note of this when completing the online order form. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge the images. We are always happy to design and produce fully customised praise pads just for you.

Thought you might like to know - Praise Pad

Ref: PP01

Thought you might like to know...

Just a quick note to say - Praise Pad

Ref: PP02

Just a quick note to say...

Did you know - Praise Pad

Ref: PP03

Did you know...

Today at school - Praise Pad

Ref: PP04

Today at school...

A quick reminder - Praise Pad

Ref: PP05

A quick reminder...

A big well done - Praise Pad

Ref: PP06

A big well done!

Congratulations - Praise Pad

Ref: PP07


Thank you - Praise Pad

Ref: PP08

Thank you!

Note from the Headteacher - Praise Pad

Ref: PP09

A note from the head teacher...

Note about your behaviour - Praise Pad

Ref: PP10

A note about your behaviour...

Note about your reading - Praise Pad

Ref: PP11

A note about your reading...

Note about your spelling - Praise Pad

Ref: PP12

A note about your spelling...

Note about your handwriting - Praise Pad

Ref: PP13

A note about your handwriting...

Note about your homework - Praise Pad

Ref: PP14

A note about your homework...

10 out of 10 spellings - Praise Pad

Ref: PP15

Spelling Test

Excellent Homework - Praise Pad

Ref: PP16

Excellent Homework

Well done reward - Praise Pad

Ref: PP17

Well Done!

Worked hard at school - Praise Pad

Ref: PP18

You have worked hard at school today

Had a bump note pad

Ref: PP19

I've had a bump...

Lunchtime Award - Praise Pad

Ref: PP20

At lunch time today...

Order praise reward pads

Your order can comprise of 1, 2 or 4 different designs. 1 pad = 40 sheets of the same design. Prices include personalisation with your school name, logo and contact information.

Quantity Price
40 pads £79
80 pads £129
120 pads £179
160 pads £229
Praise Reward Pads

Order information
All prices are plus delivery (calculated when ordering) and VAT. Other quantities are available, please contact us for further information.

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Create your own praise reward pads

Turn your school’s ideas into professionally printed praise reward pads. Fully customised praise reward pads are created especially for your school based on your own ideas and requirements. We are happy to work from your artwork or instructions, or alternatively, simply give us your ideas and leave the design work to us. Free proof copy artwork is always provided prior to going to print.

Also available
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