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After receiving a high number of requests from schools to turn their loose maths passport sheets into a high quality, hard wearing printed booklet, we have created a standard template that can be personalised with your school’s details. To personalise the journey the first two stages/destinations in the passports are edited to feature your school’s town and county. The maths passport covers are also personalised with your school’s name and logo.

Maths Passports are a fantastic tool in helping to motivate children to learn basic numeracy facts and concepts. Children work to complete each level/destination in turn and are rewarded at each stage with a ‘Visa Approved’ stamp.

Quantity Price
100 passports £145
200 passports £205
300 passports £265
400 passports £325
500 passports £385
1,000 passports £685

What's included in the price?

Maths Passport Stamp

Order information
All prices are plus delivery (calculated when ordering) and VAT. Other quantities are available, please contact us for further information. One ‘Visa Approved’ stamp is included in the prices shown above. Extra stamps are available at £15 per stamp.

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