School pupil report covers
Standard report covers with tags
Standard report covers with pockets
Premier Report Covers
Feature Standard Report Covers Premier Report Covers
Personalised with your school's name and logo
Choice of contemporary or traditional design template
Full colour printing
Printed on 350gsm Silk Board
Can be laminated
Hold up to 20 sheets of A4 paper
Can be hole punched and supplied with white, elasticated treasury tags
Can be supplied with self-adhesive, clear vinyl corner pockets
Printed die-cut flaps interlock to form a pocket
Supplied ready creased for your convenience

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Quantity Standard Report Cover Price
100 report covers £69
200 report covers £99
300 report covers £129
400 report covers £159
500 report covers £189
600 report covers £219
700 report covers £249
800 report covers £279
900 report covers £309
1,000 report covers £339
Quantity Premier Report Cover Price
250 report covers £300
500 report covers £375
1,000 report covers £525
2,000 report covers £825

Finishing options for Standard Report Covers

Report covers elasticated treasury tags

White, elasticated treasury tags

£6 per 100

Budget folders corner pockets

Vinyl, self-adhesive corner pockets

£15 per 100

Order information
All prices are plus delivery (calculated when ordering) and VAT. Other quantities are available, please contact us for further information.

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